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Beautiful House Design

Having a beautiful house is every human dream. For some people, keep staying with parents in their house is not a choice in their life. There are a lot of people that want to have their own private house to live with their own family for the rest of their life. I’m pretty sure that it is every human dream to have a beautiful house to live with wife and kids. So we are here to show you some beautiful house design that will make you want to save money for your future life with your family.


What actually makes the beautiful house design looks beautiful is the Location of the house itself. Yes, location is the most important thing you should consider before you build your own dream house, you have to decide which location that will make your house looks even more beauty.

Like the pictures above, each picture have different location, and that makes the house design look way more beautiful. So we can conclude that location is the most important role for house design if you want to make your house looks better.

For the locations you can choose it yourself, or you can always let the expert to their job. Normally, the house designer will give you some advice of where your house should be built, either is on the cliff, down on a rocky beach or even ocean.\

Houses that built with nature surrounding them is always looks beautiful, and the residence of the house can also enjoying the beautiful scenery around them, and that will make them happy with their house.


After the locations of the house, next we have the size of the house. A lot of people have been talking, that a beautiful house has to be huge, wide, and also expensive in order to include them into the category of beautiful house, but I can tell you that it is a big mistake, that statement is far from being true. As you can see in the pictures above, there is one of them that small, but still look beautiful right.

Architect knows what they are doing, so for you all that wanted to have a small beautiful house, you can have it. With the right location and the right measurement of your small house design, I’m pretty sure that your house will look beautiful just like any other expensive and huge house.


Next is the style of your beautiful house design. Each individual have their own taste. You can always discuss how you want your dream house be built with the architect that will build your dream house, you can discuss about the style, how it is going to look like when it is already built, is it going to look modern, classic, or other.

When you talk about your dream house, of course what you really want is that your house can attract people attention. You want people to feel comfortable just by watching your house. And style is the important role for this. You don’t want to make your house look creepy and scare the people around.

You should choose a style that will make people want to live in your house, so that when they want to be a guest in your house, they will feel happy. And that means they are happy to be your neighborhood.


Another thing you should consider about building your own beautiful house design is the decorations of the house, the interior decoration and the exterior decoration must be perfect. Choose the right decorations for the style of your house.

As you can see in of the pictures above, giving some flowers and other beautiful plants will make your house look way more beautiful, it is really comfortable to see a house that is really colorful, especially if the house full with beautiful flowers.

And about the interior you can always choose it with your own taste, but remember to always keep the inside of your house not to crowded, or else your house will look so narrow, and people don’t like to stay in a narrow place.

I think that is all you need to know if you want to build your own dream house in the future, all of those criteria will help you to build your beautiful house, I hope that this article beautiful house design could be a help for you all. Thank you.

Bathroom Design Modern

Bathroom is the important part of a house, since we use bathroom every day in our daily life, of course you want to make your bathroom looks cleaner, cooler, and more sophisticated. You can relax in the bathroom by bathing in the bathtub, and usually you can bath for like 1 hours inside the hot water in bathtub. That is why you want to make your bathroom look good and modern. So we here, going to give you some bathroom design modern that you can choose yourself for your own bathroom design.

1. Sophisticated modern bathroom design

For the people that like modern things, or cool things this bathroom design modern will be the best choose for you. The design of this bathroom make you feel like you are in expensive building or hotel, you can enjoy and relax at the bathroom or in the shower and feel like a rich people.

The furniture is the most important part for this bathroom, if you want to make your bathroom look sophisticated and modern, you would want to choose an elegant bathroom furniture, such as the bathtub and the shower place at the picture above.

The locating of the furniture must be considered too. You want to put your furniture in the best spot so that you can relax at your bathroom.

You also have to give your attention to the wall of your bathroom, if you want to make your bathroom look so sophisticated and modern, you would want to give a cool color like the black and white as you can see in the picture.

2. Bright bathroom

We all know that sometimes bathroom could be the scariest place in a house, especially in a huge houses, because when you were relaxing or doing other things in the bathroom you always alone, and that is why some people want to make their bathroom to always shine bright, so that they can enjoy relaxing and doing all the bathroom activities.

If you one of those people that like your bathroom to be bright, the picture above is one of the example, you can add some lamps in your bathroom, but make sure to make it elegant because aside from brightening your bathroom, you still want to make your bathroom look modern and comfortable.

You can also add some candles just for decoration and more light, and that will make your bathroom a little bit lively. You can also put some green plant inside the bathroom, the purpose of that is to make your bathroom look beautiful. Not only that the plant could be your friend, so that you will not scared again in the bathroom.

3. Classic modern bathroom design

For those people that wanted to keep it classic, we have come to this classic modern bathroom design that will make you feel really comfortable in a bathroom.

Here you can enjoy soak in your bathtub and relaxing with cleaner look of your bathroom, the white walls and floor will make your bathroom look cleaner and fresher. You can always add decorations in your bathroom to make it look lively.

A simple and minimalist design is the best design for bathrooms, it is because you can clean your bathroom easily, and this classic modern bathroom is really simple and minimalist, you don’t have to give too much furniture in the bathroom, just add something that you want to use, and keep it classic.

But always remember to keep it clean, because a simple and minimalist bathroom, could be the worst bathroom if it get dirty. And you don’t want to make a bathroom get dirty, it is because many bacteria will stay in a dirty bathroom, and if your bathroom is minimalist, the bacteria will spread faster, and it will make you sick.

Those all some examples of bathroom design modern that you can use for your bathroom design, you can choose it based on your own taste, how you want your bathroom to look like, because relaxing while soaking in the bathtub in my personal opinion, is the best thing to do in this world, especially with hot water. So I really hope that this article will be a help for you all even just a bit. Remember to always make your bathroom clean, because you can be sick if the bathroom get dirty.

Ideas Exterior to Give a New Look

Are you bored with the exterior decoration of your home? Maybe you just focus on the interior design of the home that you forget to pay attention on what’s happening outside. Home exterior is actually as important as the interior. It is the first thing people see before they enter your home. Poor exterior will make people reluctant to make a visit. If it has been long time since you designed your exterior, it is time to change the old appearance. There are some home design ideas exterior available that can surely transform the look into a more welcoming and inviting one.

Repaint the Entrance Door

Working with the entrance door is one of the easiest modern exterior house designs. It is easy because what you need to do is just to repaint the door with new color. Change its look by using a color you have never used before. A bold color for an entrance door is a great idea. Find a vivid color that contrast with the wall exterior. It is also better if you paint other parts of the exterior such as window trim or side of the roof.

New color is always able to successfully give a new look and ambient to the area. If repainting the main entrance door is not necessary, because you think it already looks nice, the option is to change the paint color of the exterior wall. Not only does it give new and fresh look, changing the paint color can be a way to preserve the wall quality. Overtime, due to the weather, exterior wall can fade away thus regular repainting is a necessity.

Create a Design Theme for Your Exterior

If you want to go further with the exterior, try to change the whole look based on a particular theme. There are plenty design themes to choose from. It all depends on your design taste. if you like vintage style, for instance, you can apply country color palettes like ivory, bright pinks, and sunny yellows, combined with softer tones such as sage greens or sky blues. Don’t forget to add potted flowers and plants on your front yard. All the greeneries and flowers will add exceptional beauty to your exterior. If you the front of your home is big enough, find some other rustic pieces to highlight the design. For small houses, don’t worry. Having small front yard does not mean that there is nothing can be done to create an attractive exterior. The main point of exterior house design for small spaces is to reduce the addition of decorative pieces.

Adding Water Element to Your Exterior

Have you ever thought about having a small fish pond or even a water fountain at the front yard of your home? This idea can be one of the appealing exterior home design styles. Water element for exterior design can set a relaxing vibe. Listening to the sound of the water can help relieve fatigue. It also makes you feel happier. It does not need to be a big water fountain or large pool. The small ones that fit your space can change not only the look but also the atmosphere. Don’t worry about the budget because good decoration is not always expensive.

Tips to Save Budget on Exterior Design

Changing the exterior does not mean you have to start from the beginning. There is no need to spend much money on it. Even with limited budget, you are still able to get your exterior refreshed. You can start with a simple house exterior design. Focusing only on one part is better than doing a total makeover. As mentioned previously, you can just repaint the entrance door. That’s all. You can do the rest in a step-by-step process. It may take time to completely change the look of the exterior but it is worth-experiencing. For more ideas, you can buy home exterior design magazine and try which works better for your exterior.

So, what are you waiting for? Check your front yard, look at your house and think what you can do with the exterior. Repainting, landscaping, and adding water elements are just a few from many home design ideas exterior that you can apply.

Ideas Living Room that Work for Small Space

For many people, a living room becomes one of the most integral part of the home. Even some people say it is the heart of the home as it is the place where all family members gather and spend time together. As one of the most-often used place in the house, living rooms should be well-decorated. However, decorating a small living room can be a little tricky. Without the right design idea, a tinny living room can turn to be even smaller and look cramped. Luckily, there are some home design ideas living room that can change the small space into a more comfortable, useful and lovelier room for guests and the whole family.

Choose the Right Furniture

One of the keys in living room ideas is to know which particular furniture is suitable to be used. The most important furniture for this room is the seating. For small living rooms, you should be careful in choosing the right seating. Avoid bulky pieces. Instead, consider sofas in condo-sized. They are smaller than regular sofas but they can really fit in small size. Adding a set of modular sofas is a nice thing but the size won’t fit in the place. Another clever idea is to combine some different types of seating like a recliner with armless chairs. With the right arrangement, this seating will make the room feel more spacious.

You may want to add other furniture pieces but for small living room, this probably is not possible. Adding other pieces will just make the room crowded. As the solution, try to find double-duty of multi-functional furniture. Instead of having a bookshelf and a coffee table, why don’t you look for a coffee table that comes with storage underneath? Using furniture that saves space like this also belongs to modern living room ideas.

Furthermore, avoid decorating the small room with superfluous details. Bear in mind that the main function of a living rooms is to provide space for relaxing. For larger living rooms, it is no problem if you want to display some decorative pieces. However, excessive accessories will only create clutter in the room resulting an untidy area. For small living room designs, choose only two or three decorative pieces that can beautify the tiny space. For example, you can hang a painting on one of the walls. Adding a vase of flowers or greeneries on the coffee table can be another brilliant idea. The decoration will also serves as the focal point of the room, grabbing people’s attention so when they enter the room, they will focus on the pretty decoration instead of the room size.

Use Light Colours

The second way to make a small space feels bigger is to use the right colour. Avoid using too many colours. Instead use only two colour. Although the space is not big, it does not mean that you cannot play with colour. Blending colours is a part of simple living room design. Choose light and neutral schemes such as white or cream for the three walls while other wall can be painted differently in a bolder colour to serve as a focal point.

Give Illusion of Height and Width to the Living Room

Another way to create a wider look is to use some mirrors in the room. Not only can mirrors make the small room appears twice larger, they are also considered as functional items. Mirrors can be placed on the wall above the sofas or anywhere you want. The good thing is that mirrors are available in endless design, meaning that the prices also vary. You can get cheap mirrors for your living room ideas on a budget. Meanwhile, to make the room looks higher, tall windows can be mounted. When the windows are open, the lights can shine through, making the room brighter. Find long curtain that drops from the top of the windows to the floor.

Although decorating a small living room is not an easy task, with the ideas above, you can successfully turn your cramped space into a comfy area. What you need to do is just to get the correct furniture and colour. Those are the key points of home design ideas living room.