Ideas Exterior to Give a New Look

Are you bored with the exterior decoration of your home? Maybe you just focus on the interior design of the home that you forget to pay attention on what’s happening outside. Home exterior is actually as important as the interior. It is the first thing people see before they enter your home. Poor exterior will make people reluctant to make a visit. If it has been long time since you designed your exterior, it is time to change the old appearance. There are some home design ideas exterior available that can surely transform the look into a more welcoming and inviting one.

Repaint the Entrance Door

Working with the entrance door is one of the easiest modern exterior house designs. It is easy because what you need to do is just to repaint the door with new color. Change its look by using a color you have never used before. A bold color for an entrance door is a great idea. Find a vivid color that contrast with the wall exterior. It is also better if you paint other parts of the exterior such as window trim or side of the roof.

New color is always able to successfully give a new look and ambient to the area. If repainting the main entrance door is not necessary, because you think it already looks nice, the option is to change the paint color of the exterior wall. Not only does it give new and fresh look, changing the paint color can be a way to preserve the wall quality. Overtime, due to the weather, exterior wall can fade away thus regular repainting is a necessity.

Create a Design Theme for Your Exterior

If you want to go further with the exterior, try to change the whole look based on a particular theme. There are plenty design themes to choose from. It all depends on your design taste. if you like vintage style, for instance, you can apply country color palettes like ivory, bright pinks, and sunny yellows, combined with softer tones such as sage greens or sky blues. Don’t forget to add potted flowers and plants on your front yard. All the greeneries and flowers will add exceptional beauty to your exterior. If you the front of your home is big enough, find some other rustic pieces to highlight the design. For small houses, don’t worry. Having small front yard does not mean that there is nothing can be done to create an attractive exterior. The main point of exterior house design for small spaces is to reduce the addition of decorative pieces.

Adding Water Element to Your Exterior

Have you ever thought about having a small fish pond or even a water fountain at the front yard of your home? This idea can be one of the appealing exterior home design styles. Water element for exterior design can set a relaxing vibe. Listening to the sound of the water can help relieve fatigue. It also makes you feel happier. It does not need to be a big water fountain or large pool. The small ones that fit your space can change not only the look but also the atmosphere. Don’t worry about the budget because good decoration is not always expensive.

Tips to Save Budget on Exterior Design

Changing the exterior does not mean you have to start from the beginning. There is no need to spend much money on it. Even with limited budget, you are still able to get your exterior refreshed. You can start with a simple house exterior design. Focusing only on one part is better than doing a total makeover. As mentioned previously, you can just repaint the entrance door. That’s all. You can do the rest in a step-by-step process. It may take time to completely change the look of the exterior but it is worth-experiencing. For more ideas, you can buy home exterior design magazine and try which works better for your exterior.

So, what are you waiting for? Check your front yard, look at your house and think what you can do with the exterior. Repainting, landscaping, and adding water elements are just a few from many home design ideas exterior that you can apply.